[ContractPatch] successfully renegotiated contract to include copyright ownership of open source code

Paul Wise pabs3 at bonedaddy.net
Wed Feb 14 23:28:21 UTC 2018

Hi all,

I've successfully renegotiated my employment contract to include
copyright ownership of open source code. We were negotiating an
increase in compensation, which included corresponding changes to
the contract.

Inspired by ContractPatch and also my colleague already having a
clause giving them copyright ownership of open source code (mostly
for contribution to samba, where corporate copyrights are discouraged),
I decided to ask for the addition of developer ownership of copyrights
on open source code.

My employer was happy to add the clause they were already using for my
colleague to my contract too. I also suggested that it be added to the
contracts for my other colleagues and be made part of my employer's
standard contract, they seemed to agree that this was a good idea in

Essentially, the change to the contract was taking the existing
copyright section, duplicating it, adding an if clause to each
duplicate and changing the ownership to developer on the OSS one.
I have also been given permission to share the language of the
copyright section privately with ContractPatch folks,
which I will do in reply to this email.



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