Issue #99: pull request updates: improve 'description' (conservancy/kallithea)

Thomas De Schampheleire issues-reply at
Fri Feb 20 05:07:11 EST 2015

New issue 99: pull request updates: improve 'description'

Thomas De Schampheleire:

Currently, updates to a pull request are marked in one big text area 'description' without structure. The resulting description, which is a combination of the manually entered description and 0 or more auto-generated update blocks, is not very readable.

Moreover, when v3 is created, there should only be a reference to v2. The reference to v1 is no longer necessary. Since currently this is free-text being appended, the reference remains.

It would be better if the status updates are handled in a separate field, so that the description is only used by the author himself. This will also allow for a more structured update and avoid references to older revisions but the previous one.

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