[PATCH] my pull requests: fix page title when no site branding is set

Thomas De Schampheleire patrickdepinguin at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 10:10:50 EST 2015

On Mon, Feb 23, 2015 at 3:57 PM, Mads Kiilerich <mads at kiilerich.com> wrote:
> On 02/22/2015 10:19 PM, Thomas De Schampheleire wrote:
>> On Sun, Feb 22, 2015 at 4:44 PM, Mads Kiilerich <mads at kiilerich.com>
>> wrote:
>>> On 02/21/2015 08:48 PM, Thomas De Schampheleire wrote:
>>>> # HG changeset patch
>>>> # User Thomas De Schampheleire
>>>> <thomas.de_schampheleire at alcatel-lucent.com>
>>>> # Date 1423170039 -3600
>>>> #      Thu Feb 05 22:00:39 2015 +0100
>>>> # Node ID d5ca82fa417e49d1cec4989e895bb95397fccdc2
>>>> # Parent  9df497f29cf2538f29440e66013bc7f864395082
>>>> my pull requests: fix page title when no site branding is set
>>>> Just like any other page, the 'middot' between the page name and site
>>>> name
>>>> should only be visible if a site name has been specified.
>>> It seems like it would be even better to remove the duplication of code
>>> and
>>> move all the site_name header handling to root.html?
>>> (Next step could be to also show repo_name if there is one in the
>>> context.)
>> I had a brief look to this second step: templates are currently adding
>> context variables explicitly when appropriate. This could be a
>> repository name, but also a username, user group, repo group, ...
>> How do you suggest to handle this?
>> In the case of repository name for example, the string is typically
>> '%s $title' % c.repo_name, but should we assume this is always the
>> case and that '$title %s' may not be more appropriate?
>> And does it make sense to treat the repository context from root.html,
>> but other relevant context like username from the template itself?
> Yes. "Pages working in the context of a repo (and usually a
> changeset/branch)" is so common and important that I think it makes sense to
> have extra support and convenience functions for that.
> It would perhaps be nice to have a separate template for such pages.
> https://bitbucket.org/conservancy/kallithea/pull-request/52/replaced-the-old-switch-to-dropdown-with
> would also fit in nicely there.

When you say 'would fit nicely there' you mean to extract the code
added in that pullrequest would be moved away from base.html to this
new template?
And would you create a separate base_repo.html (or something) or
rather inherit from base.html ?

> root.html has some special hacks for using c.repo_name when it is defined.
> For now I think it would be fine to handle branding and repo name the same
> way.
> (A related "feature request": People often have multiple tabs open and they
> only see 10 characters of the page title. They want to see the most
> important info there so they can tell them apart. But for some users that
> will be the hostname/branding, for others it will be the repo name, for
> others it will be the branch name, for others it will be the pull request
> number or name (when applicable). I don't see a good solution to that. But
> let's keep the branding at the end.)

And here your feature request is to keep the branding at the end?
Or would the feature be the configuration of the page title based on
some %foo modifiers?

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