Invitation to "adopt pytest month"

Mads Kiilerich mads at
Thu Mar 19 19:32:15 EDT 2015

On 03/19/2015 11:30 PM, Brianna Laugher wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a contributor to the testing library pytest, and in April we are
> holding "adopt pytest month". We are inviting open source projects who
> are interested in possibly taking up pytest, to be paired with
> experienced pytest users, who can help them convert and write tests,
> and show ways to make the most of pytest. More info here:
> Pytest tests typically require much less boilerplate and feel more
> "Pythonic" than unittest style tests, and there are also 100+ plugins
> available, as well as many API hooks for writing your own
> customisations. (Although, it can run unittest style tests by default,
> as well as nose and doctests.) So... we think it's pretty cool and
> have lots of volunteers eager to help spread the love.
> This is a bit of a cold call email, so please excuse me for butting
> in. Although I noticed testing is on your "road map", so... if there
> is someone who would be interested in working with a
> pytest volunteer on this...please let me know/sign up! :)

Thank you for the offer! We could certainly use that - there is a lot of 
room for improvement here ;-)

The big question is if someone "here" have time and timing to work on it 
on our side and pair with you. That would be awesome. Anyone?


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