Enforcing groups from LDAP

Jean-Francois Beaumont jean-francois.beaumont at mail.mcgill.ca
Fri Apr 10 11:23:52 EDT 2015


I've been searching for a way so Kallithea preserves the groups from LDAP
and didn't find how to achieve this from the configuration alone. However,
I see all the code that is necessary to achieve that is there and all
lib/auth_modules/auth_ldap.py needs to do is to add a 'groups' to
user_attrs so this would be done.

So I've written some code to expose this in Kallithea but it looks so easy
that I'm wondering if the feature is not actually implemented and I've
simply overlooked something in the documentation.

Otherwise, if people are interested, I would be glad to contribute a patch.


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