Kallithea 0.2.1

Andrew Shadura andrew at shadura.me
Tue Apr 14 16:13:25 EDT 2015

Kallithea 0.2.1 has been released. Kallithea is a GPLv3 source code
management software for web-based hosting of Mercurial and Git

This release is a bugfix release. It fixes a security issue we've
discovered, and a few minor bugs we found in 0.2.

For more information, see https://kallithea-scm.org/ or 

The summary of the changes since 0.2 release is below.

security: Fix HTML and JavaScript injection — CVE-2015-1864
style: fix statistics so that the graph fits on the page
setup: bump mercurial requirement to 2.9
contributors: update list of contributors since last release

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