Issue #125: Clarify backup instructions (conservancy/kallithea)

Matthias Kauer issues-reply at
Sun Apr 19 03:38:33 EDT 2015

New issue 125: Clarify backup instructions

Matthias Kauer:

I just began setting up my own Kallithea server and now I'm looking to setup a backup that transfers the most important content to my home computer. 
The [documentation]( only states that I should save my .ini and my database. My ini is clear, the sqlite is stored in my repository folder, I suppose (I had tinkered with this a bit before I had it running, so now it's a bit confusing).
The whoosh index is supposed to be in my install folder. I installed via pip to a virtualenv. Is it really deep in the site-packages now? Is this index crucial or can it be rebuilt?

Finally, what am I supposed to do with the repositories themselves? Just archive the whole folder (possibly after kallithea stop to unlock the db)?

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