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We are using Kallithea as our SCM in our company (very nice, btw) installed
on a Windows Server 2008 R2. The installation process was pretty
straightforward but I did some things that I could not find in the online
documentation so I figured I'd post my "findings" here in case it will help
anyone else (and for inclusion in the docs, as appropriate).


1.       After following the normal install steps, I wanted to use IIS as a
reverse-proxy to the Kallithea server. To get this done properly, I did the

a.       Install IIS Rewrite Module and Application Request Routing.



b.      Enable proxying at the global, server level (this can be done in the
IIS GUI via "Application Request Routing" icon -> Server Proxy Settings link
on the right-hand side).

c.       In that same settings window (very important!!) uncheck "Include
TCP port from client IP" under the "X-Forwarded-For" setting.

d.      Under query string support, select "Include query string".

e.      Leave all other settings there as-is.

f.        Create a new site and make make a new IIS Rewrite rule via the IIS
Rewrite icon on the site.

g.       Select "Reverse Proxy" and fill out the proxy URL as
"" and check "Enbable SSL Offloading".

h.      After the rule is created, open it and check that the URL is correct
(with the proper port) and check "Append Query String".

i.         Finally, run the following command to fix the clone url:
appcmd.exe set config -section:system.webServer/proxy
/preserveHostHeader:"True" /commit:apphost

                                                               i.      This
is a server-wide setting, there is no way to set this on the site level.

2.       Then, I wanted an ultra-simple way to run the Kallithea server on
startup, so I created a task that runs on startup and uses a batch file to
run the paster command. I won't paste the event file here, as it is a very
simple thing to do, but I can provide if anyone is interested.

3.       I also made an event to run the paster make-index command to update
the Whoosh full-text search indexes every 2 hours.

4.       Finally, I ran into an issue where my server was returning a 500
for certain code files (eg, .csproj and .cs files) and had to modify the
Request Filtering on the Kallithea site (via the icon of the same name) ->
File Name Extensions to allow these files to be served.


Not much in the way of innovation, but figured I'd share :)


Thank you,


Nochum Sossonko,

IT Director

Georgian American Alloys, Inc

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