Issue #128: Please provide "download at revision" feature in mercurial repository (conservancy/kallithea)

Alexander Nikitin issues-reply at
Thu Apr 30 12:33:22 EDT 2015

New issue 128: Please provide "download at revision" feature in mercurial repository

Alexander Nikitin:

Hello Kallithea/RhodeCode/Python gurus!

I'm in the process of transferring my RhodeCode 1.7.1 installation to Kallithea 0.2.1 and have a small enhancement request. 

In RhodeCode 1.7.1 I "patched" _get_download_links method  (in to be able to download mercurial repo (in zip format) at specified revision:

    def _get_download_links(self, repo):
        download_l = []
        branches_group = ([], _("Branches"))
        tags_group = ([], _("Tags"))
        ////////////////////////////////////////////////////// patch start /////////////////////////////////////////
	revisions_group = ([], _("Revisions"))
        new_collection = reversed(list(c.rhodecode_repo))
        for cs in new_collection:
            revisions_group[0].append(( cs.raw_id, h.show_id(cs) ),)
        ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// patch end  /////////////////////////////////////////
        for name, chs in c.rhodecode_repo.branches.items():
            #chs = chs.split(':')[-1]
            branches_group[0].append((chs, name),)
        for name, chs in c.rhodecode_repo.tags.items():
            #chs = chs.split(':')[-1]
            tags_group[0].append((chs, name),)
        return download_l

I've tried to do the same trick in Kallithea 0.2.1 but it looks like that Branches/Tags/etc "download code" has moved somewhere in (repo_refs_data method) which I failed to patch due to my zero skills in python.
So is there are any chance to make it work in Kallithea 0.2.1 ?

PS Sorry for my weird code above - I'm C++/Java coder - not Python :) 

Thanks in advance !

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