Hooks for Jenkins

Nochum Sossonko n.sossonko at gaalloys.com
Wed May 6 11:08:31 EDT 2015



I have a simple HG hook that I'd like to use in Kallithea, but can't figure
out how. It goes like this:


changegroup.jenkins = wget -q -O /dev/null
<https://[ROOT]/job/%5bJOB%5d/build?token=%5bTOKEN> ]


I put brackets around where I'd replace that with my Jenkins specific
information. The problem is, this hook never gets triggered and there's
nothing in the logs about it. Do I need to restart Kallithea for this to
work? Finally, are there any variables I can use in these hooks, and how do
I expand them?


I'd rather not have to do this in Python.


Thank you,


Nochum Sossonko,

IT Director

Georgian American Alloys, Inc

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