How can I use existing LDAP groups to authorise users in Kallithea?

Todd Morgan toddlmorgan at
Thu May 7 08:35:25 EDT 2015

Hi everyone,
   I managed to get my Kallithea authenticating nicely using LDAP (a small
typo in the LDAP Search filter was the cause). I can authenticate my users
AOK now (getting the default anonymous level of access) but now I need to
lock it down appropriately using group access definitions. I couldn't find
a means of using the existing group memberships (LDAP) as a means of
configuring access to Kallithea's repositories.

I have approximately 100 repositories and 00's of users so manually
configuring permissions for access is not an option.

Am I missing something obvious? I couldn't see how to configure the system
to get groups from an external source an into Kallithea?

After a bit of searching I did find this
which appears to suggest LDAP groups were explicitly not included.

Are there any other options other than this available? I would prefer not
to have to "customise" a brand new installation with unapproved (yet??)

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