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Hi Tony--

I'm interested in starting up some merchandise sales for the Evergreen
project.  We'd love to have some things to sell in time for our April
conference (April 10-13).  I was thinking T-shirts, pens, post-it notes to
start, but I'm open to other ideas.  I have no idea as to how much money
we'd need to get a good base of merch for sale for this initial wave and I'd
need some help with that.  I'm also looking for some good companies to
produce these - I want quality at a reasonable price.  (Doesn't everybody?)

Thanks for getting this list going.  It's coming at a really good time for


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Hi, all:
I know that several projects have expressed an interest in discussing issues
relating to merchandising:  strategies and best practices, vendor
recommendations, design feedback, etc.  I hope this list can become a
central place for participants in Conservancy member projects to share ideas
and ask questions; that way, Bradley and I can determine how Conservancy can
best help you achieve your goals.

So, with that:  what would you like to see your project do?  And, how can
Conservancy help?


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