logistics - how to handle sale, inventory, etc. (was Re: starting the discussion: merchandising at Conservancy)

Tony Sebro tony at sfconservancy.org
Thu Feb 7 13:16:36 EST 2013

On 02/06/2013 04:09 PM, Amy Terlaga wrote:
> Hi Tony--
> I'm interested in starting up some merchandise sales for the Evergreen
> project.  We'd love to have some things to sell in time for our April
> conference (April 10-13).
> I have no idea as to how much money
> we'd need to get a good base of merch for sale for this initial wave and I'd
> need some help with that.
***Logistics - how to handle sale, inventory, etc.

It's my understanding that online on-demand stores like Zazzle and Cafe 
Press solve the problems of managing inventory, managing the point of 
sale transaction, and investing up-front costs.  However, the quality of 
the printing is invariably below that of a dedicated screen printing 
shop.  Of course, for conferences where you want to sell shirts on-site, 
you'll have to manage a small inventory of shirts in various sizes 
anyway.  You'd have to pony up the up front costs for the inventory and 
hope that you'll be able to sell enough to break even.

Regarding turn-around:  if memory serves, a screen printing shop needs 
about ten business days to print a run of shirts (not including rush 
orders, which cost extra, or shipping time).

Any other thoughts?  Has anyone received a recent quote for a run of 
shirts and/or other merch items, for example?


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