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Hi Bradley and Tony--

Since our Evergreen conference is in Vancouver this April, it's been
suggested that I order the T-shirts from Canada.  Any obstacles to doing

And how should the billing work when the time comes?


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Tony Sebro wrote at 17:30 (EST) on Monday:
> I've personally used American Apparel as my stock tee of choice for 
> projects unrelated to Conservancy in the past; however, I admit that I 
> don't know much about their track record relating to sweatshop labor.

AFAIK, American Apparel is good on the issue of not using sweatshop labor
and their clothing is all made in the USA.

*But* many people in the Free Software community have complained about a
separate issue: American Apparel's sexist and otherwise inappropriate
advertising campaigns.  There was a thread about this in FLOSS Foundations
when this issue was discussed, and it's been covered a lot in the media.

Meanwhile, being a portly fellow myself, I will also point out that the cut
of their t-shirts don't generally fit that body type all that well.
I often feel that their shirts are made for a model's body type, which I
don't have :).  YMMV.

>  I'll confirm with Bradley, but I'm sure that you could ask people to 
> pay via PayPal or Google Checkout on-site and, if a note is made in 
> the memo field, we'd be able to track those transactions properly on 
> our end.  The same would go for advance orders.

What we've done in the past is we've made a quick "checkout page" on a web
browser, and that's worked ok.

Last year at Evergreen Conference, we used Square Up on-site for payments,
and that worked pretty well.  Someone needs to have an Android phone and a
willingness to install proprietary software (to install the SquareUp
application).  This isn't something I'm comfortable with doing myself, but
if someone wants to do it, we actually already have a Square-Up connector
that you plug into the phone to take credit cards on site.

Taking cash on site is possible, and I wrote up some accounting rules at one
point to deal with the situation, and if two volunteers are willing to take
responsibility for the cash and follow the rules, it's possible.
Bradley M. Kuhn, Executive Director, Software Freedom Conservancy
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