Conservancy's Executive Director Delivered Keynote Address at BroCon

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Wed Sep 14 14:57:26 UTC 2016


Karen Sandler, Software Freedom Conservancy's Executive Director,
delivered the keynote address at BroCon yesterday in Austin, Texas.
BroCon is the annual conference of the Bro Network Security Monitor
Project. Bro is one of Conservancy's member projects, having joined
Conservancy in 2015. BroCon is where the Bro user and developer
community meet to discuss the Bro project and strategize on methods to
better secure computer networks. While the Bro Project is 20 years old,
the conference has grown by over 50% in recent years.

In her talk, Karen discussed her own passion for software freedom
through the lens of her experience as a patient and medical device
researcher. She discussed the Bro Project's process for choosing and
joining Conservancy, and talked about how the relationship is focused
on bringing trust and transparency to the community. Karen discussed
the ways that the Bro Community can invest in Bro and ensure its long
term success.

Also during the conference, Gregory Bell announced the rebranding of
Broala to Corelight and that the company will be donating $100,000 in
the Bro Future Fund.

Karen will also deliver a main stage talk at Stanford MedicineX
later this week.

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