Kate Chapman Joins Conservancy's Board of Directors

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Tue Dec 6 15:41:56 UTC 2016

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  Kate Chapman Joins Conservancy's Board of Directors

Software Freedom Conservancy is pleased to 
announce the addition of Kate Chapman to its Board 
of Directors. Chapman is Chief Technology Officer 
at Cadasta[1], a 501c3 organization focused on 
land and resource rights, and has been very active 
in the free and open source software 
world. Chapman has championed open imagery as a 
public good.

Chapman was the first Executive Director of the 
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team[2], where she 
applied the principles of free software and open 
data to improve the welfare of the communities 
where HOT works, especially those at risk of 
natural disaster or other crisis. Chapman has 
used her expertise to teach in many countries.

Chapman commented, "I'm delighted to join the 
Board of Directors. It is a great opportunity to 
further support FLOSS and especially the 
introduction of unrepresented groups to FLOSS 
contributions through Outreachy."

"With experience running a free and open source 
software nonprofit, deep familiarity with free 
software and copyleft licensing as well as her 
experiences as an Outreachy mentor and 
coordinator, Kate is a particularly good fit for 
Conservancy's board," said Conservancy's Executive 
Director Karen Sandler. "I look forward to working 
with her and the rest of the board on some of the 
most important issues in software freedom 
today. I'm honored to have her on our board."

Chapman's appointment comes as Conservancy shifts 
to a primarily individual donor-funded 
organization. Chapman offers perspective on 
fundraising and nonprofits operations, as well as 
a deep familiarity with the issues that 
Conservancy faces in its programmatic activities.

[1]: http://cadasta.org/
[2]: https://hotosm.org/

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