Copyleft Conf: Registration is Open and the Schedule is Posted

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Thu Jan 10 15:41:18 UTC 2019


Conservancy is very excited to share [the schedule](https://2019.copyle for the first ever Copyleft Conf with you!
Copyleft Conf is a one day event, taking place in downtown Brussels at
[Digityser]( Registration begins at
9:30am and we'll be finishing by 6pm. We'll have talks, a panel and
participatory discussions near the end of the day. 

Participants from throughout the copyleft world — developers,
strategists, enforcement organizations, scholars and critics — will be
welcomed for an in-depth, high bandwidth, and expert-level discussion
about the day-to-day details of using copyleft licensing, obstacles
facing copyleft and the future of copyleft as a strategy to advance and
defend software freedom for users and developers around the world.


The venue has a finite amount of space and registration includes lunch
which will be provided onsite. Please [register in advance](https://201 so we can plan for everyone's needs --
including yours. Professional tickets are available for $100 and
tickets for student/unemployed/underemployed or non-profit employed
folks are $15. If $15 is still prohibitive or you plan to attend as
press, please drop us a line at copyleftconf at 

Coming in from out of town or wondering where to stay and whether
Copyleft Conf is walkable from your hotel? We've got you covered. All
the location information is [right here](

*Code of Conduct*

Copyleft Conf has a [robust Code of Conduct](
blog/2018/oct/30/whyrobust/). We feel strongly that the future of free
software depends on an open, welcoming and evolving conversation around
licensing practices and compliance. The copyleft licenses that many of
the world's largest free software projects -- like Linux, Git, Drupal
and Wordpress -- rely on must be both well understood and used in good
faith. This conversation around copyleft is well overdue. We can't
afford to turn away those who would help us build the bridges to
increase adoption and achieve better compliance. 

*Sponsors Welcome*

Interested in sponsoring? The prospectus [is here](https://2019.copylef and we'd be happy to answer your
questions via email, copyleftconf at

Other questions? We'd be happy to talk to you about anything Copyleft
Conf related that isn't covered here. 
Just email us at copyleftconf at

Deb Nicholson <deb at>
Software Freedom Conservancy

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