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Deb Nicholson info at sfconservancy.org
Thu Feb 14 20:11:39 UTC 2019

URL: https://sfconservancy.org/news/2019/feb/14/techie-bookkeeper/

Thanks to the help of all of our donors and Supporters, Conservancy is
hiring for a critical position in our organization. Please help us
spread the word, and if this is a position you're interested in please

*Techie Bookkeeper*

Software Freedom Conservancy is looking for a new employee to help us
with important work that supports our basic operations. Conservancy is
a nonprofit charity that promotes and improves free and open source
software projects. We are home to almost 50 projects, including Git,
Inkscape, Etherpad, phpMyAdmin, and Selenium (to name a few).
Conservancy is the home of Outreachy, an award winning diversity
intiative, and we also work hard to improve software freedom generally.
We are a small but dedicated staff, handling a very large number of
financial transactions per year for us and our member projects.

We seek a fifth full-time employee who will help us with our day-to-day 
bookkeeping needs. Our bookkeeping system is unique in that it requires
technical skill to use. We hope that our new employee will help us with
our bookkeeping needs today and in the future grow and develop along
with the organization.

This is a full time salaried position with benefits (including health
insurance and paid time off), working remotely. Ideally, this employee
would be either in the Boston, MA or Portland, OR areas. Excellent
fluency in English, both oral and written, is required. You must also
be extremely details-oriented. This position will pay commensurate with
experience, but will be a typical salary for charities in smaller US

You must be comfortable using command-line tools and editing plaintext
files. You don't have to be proficient with these tools, but you should
have worked in them before and understand their basic concepts.
Ideally, you have also worked with a version control system, and
written computer scripts, but these skills are not required.

While we prefer that you already have some basic familiarity with
bookkeeping and accounting, we will train you if you do not. We are
especially interested in someone who likes to improve and document
systems as they go along. Folks who have been the volunteer bookkeeper
for a hobby or community project are especially encouraged to apply.

This position will interact with sensitive data and so you must be
trustworthy, thorough and able to keep confidential information. You
must be able to provide at least three references to this effect.

A laptop running Libreboot and Debian GNU/Linux will be provided.

Applications can be submitted via email to jobs at sfconservancy.org.
Please include a resume or CV, cover letter, and references. All
materials must be in a file format that can be easily viewed with free
software, such as a PDF viewable by Evince, Text, or LibreOffice

We are open to candidates of a variety of backgrounds and experience

We are uncompromising in our mission and values, and happy to train a
high-potential but less experienced candidate.

Deb Nicholson <deb at sfconservancy.org>
Software Freedom Conservancy

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