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Sean Farley sean.michael.farley at
Tue Jan 27 17:56:36 EST 2015

Mads Kiilerich writes:

> On 01/27/2015 06:27 PM, Sean Farley wrote:
>> Andrew Shadura writes:
>>> On 27 January 2015 at 14:11, Nick Coghlan <ncoghlan at> wrote:
>>> I agree. Md/RST is something that's generally useful and improves the 
>>> readability. It should probably be a per-instance or per-repository 
>>> setting, I guess. 
> Well ... there are apparently different opinions on that ;-)
> I can also not deny that some people like it and use it. There are also 
> some people who like to send html mails with fancy layout ;-)
>> I don't understand Mads issue with this, actually. I think a config knob
>> is overkill because Md/ReST is a superset of just plain text.
> No, it is not just a superset. It is reducing the set of valid plain 
> text inputs and allocating the rest for its own purpose. It only become 
> a superset by redefining what "plain text" is.

Ok, I think this is a mostly academic point.

> Plain text can contain (almost) any sequence of characters. The markup 
> languages will redefine the rendering of some of the valid plaint texts. 
> In a code review system it will often contain code that happens to mean 
> something in the markup language ... or perhaps is markup code that you 
> want to discuss. That means the user who just wants to throw a comment 
> also has to learn the markup language and remember that it no longer is 
> ascii wysiwyg but he has to preview before saving.
> We had the existing markup feature enabled for more than a year. It 
> seems like nobody ever used it. Nobody complained when we removed it, 
> but we stopped getting complaints from developers who didn't want to 
> learn the markup language and about code snippets in comments being 
> unreadable.
>> I agree with Nick: there needs to be a way to insert code snippets.
> Yes. And I think that should be the default. Other interpretation should 
> be opt-in.

Yay, we agree!

> I think that if we want to support creating comments with fancy layout, 
> then we should have a wysiwyg editor and/or give the user the option of 
> using his favourite markup language.
> If people really started using it, then I would prefer to have a mode 
> where I didn't have to look at it but just got a text rendering with 
> relevant link markup.
>> Same with links.
> URLs, @mentions and revision hashes in text can with sufficiently high 
> reliability be recognized in text and marked up as links without 
> influencing the rendering ... and the failure mode where something 
> incorrectly is marked up as a link is no problem at all.

That's a good point.

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