Commits from Unity to mainline

Mads Kiilerich mads at
Tue Feb 17 22:14:27 EST 2015

On 02/14/2015 09:21 PM, Thomas De Schampheleire wrote:
> Hi Mads,
> I had a look at the commits from Unity at
> and find following commits interesting:
> unity: pullrequests: don't add repo owner as reviewer in all PRs
> This may not be desired by all, but could be transformed as follows:
> provide for each repository a configurable list of default reviewers.
> By default, this list would be empty. A user wishing the repo owner as
> default reviewer can do so freely, along with any other 'core
> reviewers'.

I think this is an area where organizations will have different work flows.

For a starter, many repositories in organizations do not have a single 

For our main repository we have some (so far hardcoded) customizations 
that based on the PR diffstat finds relevant owners / experts of the 
changed areas (and branch names) and suggests adding them as reviewers.

I doubt it is feasible to implement something that can solve all needs 
just with configuration. Some/most requirements are so complex that they 
need coding if they should be formalized / automated. Some needs in this 
area are perhaps better solved with good documentation, examples and 
framework for customizing Kallithea.

Still, I agree that it is better to not hardcode that the repo owner is 
added as reviewer. That is a more clean slate for creating custom work 

Something like what you describe with a 'favourite list' can perhaps be 
a good generic improvement that can come next.

What do others say; would you like to have the "don't add repo owner as 
reviewer in all PRs" change in Kallithea?

> changelog: change default view to 100, max to 2000
> The current list of 20 is indeed pretty short. Similar for the list of
> pull requests of a repository (currently paged at 10).
> This could be merged as-is in mainline, no?

Sure. Seems reasonable and not so controversial.

> comments: linkify hashes and issue tracker references
> Is there any reason why we could not mainline this one?

It depends on the "disable RST" change. It would have to be done quite 
differently if it should coexist with RST or other fancy markup.

Obviously, I would like to upstream both changes but I guess it would be 
a bit controversial.


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