How to address the user

Sean Farley sean at
Mon Apr 6 19:40:38 EDT 2015

Mads Kiilerich <mads at> writes:

> On 04/06/2015 10:22 PM, Peter Vitt wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I recently translated some strings to german and stumbled upon some 
>> inconsistencies in the already translated strings. Currently, the most 
>> confusing question is how to address the user. In german we have a 
>> formal and an informal way of addressing someone. Some strings use 
>> formal, some others informal terms. I like it more when all strings 
>> use the same way to address the user. But which one is the preferred 
>> way of addressing the user?
> I have noticed something similar in the english texts - mainly in the 
> documentation: Should we use "you" (as in "You can smurf by smurfing 
> smurf") or use less colloquial wording ("To smurf, smurf smurf"). I 
> think I would prefer to avoid using "you". That would perhaps reduce 
> your problem.
> Anyway, I guess it is up to the "German translation team" to decide how 
> they want to translate it - consistency would be nice. You can find the 
> list of translators with
> hg log kallithea/i18n/de/LC_MESSAGES/kallithea.po
> and CC them if they don't follow this list. You are welcome to discuss 
> translations on the general list if it has some general interest and you 
> can keep it in English.

Someone who writes more often than I do can correct me, but the rule of
thumb is usually to use the active, third person voice. Though, I
majored in mathematics, not English.

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