Issues after switching to HTTPS

Brian almondb at
Thu Apr 16 20:08:54 EDT 2015


While I am using Kallithea 0.2.1, while going back over this again I made a
discovery which allowed me to solve the problem.

The problem was not with Kallithea, it was that when browsing to Kallithea
using HTTPS, Chrome blocked all Javascript on the site by default.

Internet Explorer as configured here didn't require a change in settings,
but for Chrome I had to opt out of the JS blocking on the individual site
using HTTPS.

Thank you for your quick response to something that turned out to be a
browser issue.

On Thu, Apr 16, 2015 at 4:42 PM Mads Kiilerich <mads at> wrote:

> On 04/16/2015 07:36 PM, Brian wrote:
> > Hello list - Kallithea is new to me, though I used Rhodecode for some
> > time.
> >
> > I installed Kallithea yesterday using a pretty vanilla production.ini
> > file - specifying the host and port.  Logging into it remotely using
> > the admin account worked fine.
> >
> > I then configured LDAP using START_TLS connection security, and
> > confirmed that it was working correctly.  I had a couple users log in,
> > and using the admin account checked that they were created in the
> > users table (by viewing the Admin > Users page).
> >
> > Today I setup HTTPS, and verified that it was correctly working along
> > with LDAPS.  (This was something of a learning experience - first time
> > working with cert files.)
> >
> > Shortly after verifying that I could access the site using HTTPS, I
> > discovered something odd.  The Admin > Users page no longer listed any
> > users.  Admin > Users Groups no longer showed any groups (I had setup
> > a lone "developers" group).  I could still log in using my domain
> > account, but similarly pages with object lists were all empty.
> >
> > Another wrinkle is that using an admin account, the admin journal does
> > show entries.  So it shows my users group getting created, despite the
> > fact that Admin > Users Groups pulls up a blank list.
> >
> > No error messages in the log file, aside from the occasional SSL
> > handshake failure.
> >
> > Switching the production.ini settings back to regular HTTP causes it
> > to behave properly again.
> What Kallithea version are you using?
> How are you running Kallithea? What web server "stack" are you using?
> Which production.ini settings are you switching when you enable/disable
> SSL?
> /Mads
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