Issues after switching to HTTPS

Mads Kiilerich mads at
Thu Apr 16 19:42:22 EDT 2015

On 04/16/2015 07:36 PM, Brian wrote:
> Hello list - Kallithea is new to me, though I used Rhodecode for some 
> time.
> I installed Kallithea yesterday using a pretty vanilla production.ini 
> file - specifying the host and port.  Logging into it remotely using 
> the admin account worked fine.
> I then configured LDAP using START_TLS connection security, and 
> confirmed that it was working correctly.  I had a couple users log in, 
> and using the admin account checked that they were created in the 
> users table (by viewing the Admin > Users page).
> Today I setup HTTPS, and verified that it was correctly working along 
> with LDAPS.  (This was something of a learning experience - first time 
> working with cert files.)
> Shortly after verifying that I could access the site using HTTPS, I 
> discovered something odd.  The Admin > Users page no longer listed any 
> users.  Admin > Users Groups no longer showed any groups (I had setup 
> a lone "developers" group).  I could still log in using my domain 
> account, but similarly pages with object lists were all empty.
> Another wrinkle is that using an admin account, the admin journal does 
> show entries.  So it shows my users group getting created, despite the 
> fact that Admin > Users Groups pulls up a blank list.
> No error messages in the log file, aside from the occasional SSL 
> handshake failure.
> Switching the production.ini settings back to regular HTTP causes it 
> to behave properly again.

What Kallithea version are you using?

How are you running Kallithea? What web server "stack" are you using?

Which production.ini settings are you switching when you enable/disable SSL?


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