[RFC] Search box

John Kristensen john at jerrykan.com
Sun Apr 26 09:04:45 EDT 2015

On 24/04/15 05:32, Andrew Shadura wrote:
> Hello,
> While playing with Bootstrap styling, I came across the following
> question: should we display a search box instead of a link to the
> search page?
> I first implemented a search box which appears after clicking "Search"
> button on the front page. When users type in the box, a dropdown
> appears, suggesting to search not only by file content (default), but
> also by commit messages or file names.
> I have also prepared different options regarding to the location of the
> box. GitHub places it on the left, Bitbucket places in on the right,
> GitLab doesn't have it at all.
> Here's a proof of concept of my "dynamic" search box:
> https://codehost.me.uk/
> And here's comparison of different options:
> https://shadura.me/kallithea/search-box/

Personally I find "narrow fixed width search box is on left" the most 
visually appealing.

The "search box appears on click" results in the menu items "jumping" 
around which I find visually jarring.

"hfill search box is on left" - could result in very large search box on 
wide displays which I don't find visually appealing. This large search 
box would also draws the eye away from the menu items that should 
probably be the main focus on the menu bar. The lack of whites-pace 
makes the menu look more cluttered.

"narrow fixed width search box is on right, menus are on left" - having 
the menus items against the kallithea logo makes things look clustered. 
My general preference is that the menu items are on the right so that 
there is some white-space between the logo and the menu items.

These are just my personal opinion/preferences though.


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