DXR-like source indexing and browsing

Nochum Sossonko n.sossonko at gaalloys.com
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Well it's used over the entire Mozilla code base (ALL their projects and
revisions/versions) so it's tested extensively in the wild. It came from
LXR->MXR->DXR although DXR is more of a complete remodeling, I believe.
Whoosh may be able to stay, and Kallithea would use only the cross
referencing but it would probably make more sense to just replace it


I'll see what I can come up with and make a more concrete proposal (time




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On 05/07/2015 02:38 PM, Nochum Sossonko wrote:



Would there be any interest in integrating a DXR-like browser/indexer? See
http://dxr.mozilla.org for an example of a running DXR system, it is
invaluable in large projects with a lot of code to wade through. Integrating
into Kallithea would give you the awesomeness of Kallithea together with DXR
source browsing/indexing, which IMO would put Kallithea over the top as a
highly integrated SCM.


DXR is written in Python, as is Kallithea, so integration should be
moderately straightforward (although I doubt easy). If there is some strong
interest in this, I may consider contributing towards this (although not
sure how much or how far I can get myself).

That sounds great. I guess it somewhat would duplicate / replace the
existing whoosh based searching and file browsing.

Full cross referencing is big. I hope it can be done in a way where it also
can be used on big repos with lots of open branches. Perhaps by having some
kind of specification of what revision/branch it should index.


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