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> 149407d6dd5d by kiilerix: "admin: cleanup of naming of 'Default
> Permissions'"

> 1a955b112623 by kiilerix: "permissions: clarify the use of
> "Permissions" - use "Show Permissions" for the o…"

As we have discussed that already today, what I don't like about these
changes is that they change one set of confusing names to another
(Default Permissions and Permissions vs Permissions and Show
Permissions). First of all, these two seem to be slightly different
things (a list of objects and access rights to them vs what a user can
do to a user group itself, for example). Second, I don't like that a
non-action page (Show permissions) has a verb in the name, while a page
where action is possible (editing), doesn't.

I think that we need to reorganise these pages significantly. I suggest
creating an Overview page where there will be read-only informations,
probably, and other pages for editing stuff, but that also raises a
question how to organise them properly…

Thomas, do you have any ideas on this?

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