Issue #134: updated_on column of repositories table required (conservancy/kallithea)

Michael JasonSmith issues-reply at
Thu May 21 13:11:19 EDT 2015

New issue 134: updated_on column of repositories table required

Michael JasonSmith:

## Currently ##

The *updated_on* column of the *repositories* table is unconstrained. However, if a row has a *updated_on* set to NULL then the repositories page fails to render.

## Expected ##


* The *updated_on* column of the *repositories* table should have a *not null* constraint, or
* Pages that rely on the column should be able to cope with null values.

## Traceback ##

Full traceback in kallithea-last_change-traceback.txt attacked to this issue.


File '...kallithea/data/templates/data_table/', line 400 in render_last_change
File '...kallithea/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/kallithea/lib/', line 428 in <lambda>
  age = lambda  x, y=False: _age(x, y)
File '...kallithea/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/kallithea/lib/', line 374 in age
  if prevdate > now:
TypeError: can't compare datetime.datetime to NoneType


## Admission ##

I was migrating an old RhodeCode system to Kallithea, so admittedly my data is a little odd, which is why I ran into this issue. However, a vanilla Kallithea 0.2.1 install has the identical problematic schema for the *repositories* table:


 created_on       | timestamp without time zone | 
 updated_on       | timestamp without time zone | 


My hack around the issue was to add *updated_on* data:


update repositories 
  set updated_on = created_on
  where updated_on is null;


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