Journal view: Possibility to filter out various actions from the view, such as the "pulled from..." action?

Mads Kiilerich mads at
Mon Jun 8 15:33:37 EDT 2015

On 06/08/2015 11:29 AM, Christian Stimming wrote:
> Dear community,
> in the default configuration, the "journal" part of the kallithea web 
> page notes all the various actions per day. The actions include "user 
> xy pushed into A/B", and "xy started following A/B", and "xy pulled 
> from A/B".
> Is there any possibility to filter out some of the actions here? In 
> particular, the "pulled from..." action IMHO starts to make this page 
> a rather bad overview of what's going on. I'm thinking of repositories 
> with tens or hundreds of developers, each pulling several times per 
> day. The actual pushs will be almost invisible on that default journal 
> page because it will list the hundreds of pulls.
> Also, depending on the social context it might actually be not desired 
> to notify each other whether a pull has happened or has not happened. 
> (I'm thinking of workplace regulations in some contries, e.g. Germany, 
> "Leistungs- und Verhaltenskontrolle", where there might be information 
> privacy regulations to publically list only the pushs but not the pulls.)
> Is there any configuration option to have such actions be removed from 
> the journal? I didn't find anything in the documentation and neither 
> in the issue tracker. I also tried browsing through the python code in 
> model/ but didn't find any hints there as well.
> Thank you very much for any pointers for further discussion!

Logging of pulls is arguably better done in the web server access log. 
You can disable logging of pulls on /_admin/settings .

The Journal is in my opinion currently not very useful. The whole 
concept should probably be rethought. One alternative could be to send 
all logging data to some logging service (such as ) 
message bus (such as ) or 
"data warehouse". We should also review whether we are logging exactly 
what is important and relevant.

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