Introducing a Puppet Module for Setting up Kallithea

Robert Rauch robert.rauch at
Wed Aug 26 11:16:00 UTC 2015

Dear all,

During the last months, I have been working on a Puppet Module for
setting up and manging Kallithea on various Platforms (see What this module
basically does is

1. setup Python/virtualenv (using another Puppet module),
2. create a virtualenv for Kallithea,
3. initialize and manage the Kallithea ini-configuration file,
4. initialize Kallitheas database and
5. setup a `kallithea` system service, enable and start it.

Since this is currently the only Kallithea module on PuppetForge, it
seems natural to bundle any further efforts in this direction,
eventually making this module 'officially supported' by the Kallithea
community in the near future. This would probably help Kallithea by

* simplifying the whole installation Process and
* making Kallithea visible to a bigger audience.

Please have a look at it, if you like. Any Feedback is appreciated.

Robert Rauch

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