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Thu Sep 1 16:34:24 UTC 2016

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Hi Dmitry,

On 31/08/16 19:30, Dmitry Konchalenkov wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> My name is Dmitry, I recently joined RhodeCode. I saw your email on the
> Mailing List of Kallithea and decided to reach out to you directly, hope
> it is appropriate.

Well, actually I find this very inappropriate. If you have indeed been
reading Kallithea mailing list for some time, you should know that it is
the appropriate way to contact community for all such inquiries.
Instead, you decided to ‘reach out’ to me directly, which makes me doubt
sincerity of your intentions.

> <div hspace="streak-pt-mark" style="max-height:1px"><img style="width:0px;max-height:0px;overflow:hidden" src=""><font color="#ffffff" size="1">ᐧ</font></div>

This tracking code also doesn’t suggest your intentions are good.

> It’s been two years since Kallithea was launched. I’ve been following
> the development of Kallithea, and ever since RhodeCode went open source
> <>,
> I thought about whether we could start some type of collaboration with
> Kallithea community. Connecting the Kallithea and RhodeCode communities
> will benefit everyone, notably users. In the end, we share the same
> goal: creating an open platform for source code management, secure,
> reliable, and easy-to-use.

To me, RhodeCode’s license choice, as well as requirement of copyright
assignment which gives RhodeCode right to use contributions for any
purpose and at the same time preventing others from doing the same (or
using it under the GPL), shows RhodeCode has intentioanlly decided to
not make RhodeCode free and open software project.

RhodeCode has made their code incompatible with Kallithea, leaving no
options for collaboration.

P.S. Obviously, all the above is my personal opinion and doesn’t reflect
the position of the project as a whole.

> Would you have time for a short call
> <>? I would love to hear
> your thoughts and perspectives on that.
> Thanks,
> Dmitry.
> -- 
> Dmitry Konchalenkov
> Sr.Marketing Manager
> RhodeCode
> <>
> Enterprise Source Code Management. Unified.
> Contact us: Web <> • Twitter
> <> • Community
> <> • Slack <>

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