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Tony Sebro tony at
Thu Feb 7 13:13:50 EST 2013

On 02/06/2013 04:09 PM, Amy Terlaga wrote:
>   I'm also looking for some good companies to
> produce these - I want quality at a reasonable price.  (Doesn't everybody?)


For t-shirts, some of Conservancy's colleagues at other FLOSS orgs 
recommend Elegant Stitches (  In addition to 
handling screen printing/embroidery/etc., they can also set up 
personalized stores online for your project (e.g.,   have no personal 
experience with them myself, but people from Perl Foundation, PyCon, and 
Django have all vouched for their services.

For those in the northeast, I've personally used Works In Progress 
( in NYC to print up limited runs of 
t-shirts.  They're also a non-profit (job-training for high school kids) 
and they do good work.  I don't remember their pricing (I last used them 
five or six years ago), but I recall that they were reasonably-priced.

OpenSUSE apparently uses Spread Shirt (, but they 
don't seem to be too excited about them.

I don't have any personal recommendations for vendors for other kinds of 
merch, beyond what comes up in a standard web search.  Does anyone else 
have any recommendations (or warnings, for that matter)?


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