sourcing from places that treat workers well.

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If I may make a suggestion, Gildan [1] is not only one of the top
promotional apparel manufacturers in North America, they seem to make real
efforts in CSR. Their product is great quality with huge format / color
selections (I like heavy cotton Gildan tees). They claim to have donated
over half a million dollars following the deaths of 62 factory personnel in
Haiti in the earthquake ; nearly $1MM to a technical school in Honduras
since 2005; support for an inner-city youth employment program in Chicago;
and responsible sourcing around the world. I'm as skeptical as the next
person when reading corporate blabla, but they did get top honors from
Maclean's magazine (Canada) in this respect [2].

When evaluating vendors, it's fairly easy to find out if they source from a
Gildan distributor.

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On Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 3:43 PM, Bradley M. Kuhn <bkuhn at>wrote:

> Tony Sebro wrote at 13:18 (EST) on Thursday:
> > Eventually, I'd like to identify preferred vendors for projects'
> > merchandising needs, so that we can potentially negotiate bulk rates.
> I'm completely open-minded to what vendors we might pick, with one
> caveat: I'd really like to see time spent finding vendors that treat
> workers well.  A lot of common conference swag is made by sweat shop
> labor.  My hope is we can find vendors that we can confirm treat workers
> well, even if it means paying a bit more and having to pass that cost
> along to those who buy stuff from our projects.
> Other than that concern, I hope folks will "have at it" to find good
> choices, and I look forward to blissfully merely lurking on this list
> most of the time. :)
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