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Bradley M. Kuhn bkuhn at
Thu Feb 14 15:05:25 EST 2013

Amy Terlaga wrote at 09:06 (EST) on Tuesday:

> You could do this for us?

I should have mentioned in my previous email that this was a lot of work
for us to do, Conservancy put a good amount of time in, and the project
in question actually lost money on the sale (i.e., couldn't sell all
they'd bought, and ended up having to give it away to volunteers at a

So, while it's possible to do that, I'm slightly concerned about doing
it again, particularly on such short notice.  It was a lot of work on
for Conservancy, and neither Conservancy nor the project really made out
all that well from it.

>  And there would be some kind of reporting out so that I could see who
> was ordering what?

It would be imported to the Ledger file, like all other Conservancy
transactions which is accessible by all projects.  Again, we spent a lot
of time designing a Google checkout page, and relatively few people used
it on site.

Of course we can do this again as a one-off, but you're talking really
short notice here for the next Evergreen conference, so I'd suggest that
perhaps doing cash only (and maybe use the Square Up connector on
someone's software phone or something) might make more sense here.

I'm sorry if I created confusion: I thought we were talking on this list
in broader terms of what we'd like to do as a systematic solution for
all projects in the long term -- not short term issues for events that
are coming up very soon.  I'm sorry if it seemed like I was offering to
do something right away for the upcoming Evergreen event.

If it's very important to the Evergreen Oversight Board that this be
done post-haste for the upcoming event, Conservancy can try its best to
make it happen in an extremely short time-frame, but I am really worried
that it might negatively impact our ability to meet the existing
commitments for the conference, which we're admittedly already behind on
due to our limited staffing.
Bradley M. Kuhn, Executive Director, Software Freedom Conservancy

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