How is the project coming along?

Bradley M. Kuhn bkuhn at
Wed Oct 15 10:26:33 EDT 2014

To answer Hugh's and Marc's questions:

As you've probably seen, we never did reach our fundraising target.
Work began, with an excellent contractor we funded for a few months
named Joar Wandborg, who kept his work here:

Status of things is well preserved in the wiki:

As you can see from the fundraising website, we still haven't met our
fundraising target, and some of the funds were spent funding Joar.

Karen Sandler and I, Conservancy's new Executive Director, have
regrouped and have been discussing the right way to proceed.  The funds
available are not enough to fund the entire project, and we want to
figure out the most efficient way to use the funds.

Our initial plan was that in my role change, I'd move about 50% of my
time to focusing on the project, and we'd supplement the funding with
additional funds from Conservancy's general operating budget.  We may
still do this, but financial times aren't great for Conservancy, so we
somewhat put a freeze on spending additional funds from the general fund
until we can figure out how to raise more money.

I'm still working to transition some of my day-to-day work for other
parts of Conservancy to others so that I can focus my time into this
project. This has been difficult; Conservancy only has three employees.

Meanwhile, if someone has patches to propose to either the
accounting-api or the wiki, you should definitely do so and I'll at
least prioritize time to review them.

I hope to report more late in 2014 once Karen and I have a more
comprehensive plan.

Conservancy is still committed to making this project happen, but it may
move at a glacial pace given the funding situation.

Bradley M. Kuhn
President & Distinguished Technologist of Software Freedom Conservancy

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