a per-user "has-been-viewed" flag for commits

Jan Heylen heyleke at gmail.com
Mon Jan 26 12:15:59 EST 2015


while evaluating the interface of Kallithea, a user mentioned that
there was no way for him to see which commits he already reviewed as a
user. This got me thinking and reminded me on how this was done in
Gerrit, based on that, I would like to do a RFC on this subject:

This is how it could work:

* Once somebody opens a commit for review (in Kallithea it could be
any commit), a 'flag' or 'mark' is set on that commit, that is has
been viewed by you as user.
* The user has the possibility to remove that flag (checkbox? floating
checkbox in a corner?) before navigating to another page/commit/...
* The user also has the possibility to disable this auto-flag behavior.
* In case of (semi-)manual flagging, there are several options:
   - a user could choose to auto-set the flag once he makes his first comment
   - a user could choose to auto-set the flag once he approved/rejected a commit
   - a user could set the flag manually
* In the changelog overview, besides the fact that a commit is
approved/rejected, a flag could indicate that you as user have seen
this commit (of approved/rejected it), this could be e.g. indicated by
a red/green/grey border around the already present red/green/grey dot
that indicates that the commit is in a review/pull request.

please comment,


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